Hi, I'm Rafael Passos

Mobile and Web Developer

Mobile developer since 2014. I'm very detail-oriented and write highly readable, clean, and maintainable code. Simple, communicative and hard-working person, addicted by technology, history and science. Possesses a solid knowledge of MVC architecture, object oriented and protocol oriented programming. Also, has experience working with Laravel Framework using PHP.

  • Year of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Email
  • Graduation
  • 1992
  • Portuguese
  • r.passos@outlook.pt
  • Bachelor's degree, Computer Engineering (2010-2014) (IPBeja)

My Skills

Mobile Development

iOS (Swift/Objective-C)

Xamarin.Native (C#)

React Native

Android (Java)

Web development




Html & Css

Soft Skills


Willingness to learn

Big-picture thinking

Time management


Mobile Apps Development

My side-projects usually are mobile apps, specially iOS, why? Because I love the platform and the Swift language. You can take a look on my projects below.

Web Development

On the other hand, my clients generally ask me for web applications or websites, so I make some cool web projects using Laravel, Wordpress or simple static pages.


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